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How much easier will it be when you have an understanding on issues like:


  • How Does Your Dog Learns? A lot of people struggle and make teaching your dog harder than it needs to be. Lets start "Simply" right from the beginning. 
  • How do You Read A Dogs Body Language.  This knowledge is gold and valuable to have for future situations that may arise. 
  • Did you know your Dogs senses are so much stronger than ours? What do I mean not all dogs a equal with their senses?




Your guide "Ensuring Your Home is Ready for a Dog" is packed


with the immediate information you need for a new dog.






Because you are a Valued Customer, I have more advanced Tips in




"Your Dog Will Love You Knowing This Information"




to help you as your new companion grows


and boy they do grow very fast and learn so quickly


and start to develop some undersirable behaviours.




Make life easier for



You and Your Dog



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In this guide I help you with more challenging topics


as You and your Dogs relationship grows.







Some of the great content I will share with you includes:


  • Children and Dogs... Having these tips will ensure you have Dos and Donts for both children and dogs. 
  • What do you first think of when I say Safety? I have tips on water, cars and food to name a few.
  • Why are Choker Collars so outdated? Your decision will be straightforward once you read this article.
  • For a lot of dogs seperation anxiety is a learnt behaviour... Get the low down on how not to encourage this behaviour and/or deal with it for a rescue dog.
  • Foods that are poisonous to dogs... You will not believe some of the items you would not think twice about when putting scraps in their bowl.
  • Why does your Dog eat grass...  I have some great reasons why your dog may occassionally or quite regularily eat grass.
  • Thunderstorms and Fireworks is a huge issue for dogs...   Many Owners struggle with this horrible fear and do not like seeing their in such stress. Being prepared will assist you both and help stop possible injuries and unfortunatel sometimes the associated cost$.
  • Why do dogs eat their stool? Is it dangerous, why do they do it and how can I stop it. I can help you.
  • Most common dog behaviour problems. Having that bit of knowledge and knowing what to look out for can save you time and money. I help you explore them.
  • Why do dogs tilt their heads when listening? As time goes on you will see how clever and funny your dog is. This is a great topic and conversation starter and I can not wait to share the reasoning with you.
  • Not forgetting as mentioned above... Learning about your dogs body language, how they learn and their senses.


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WOW with all the great information you have gained in:


  • "7 Must Know Tips Before You Get a Dog."
  • "Ensuring Your Home is Ready for a Dog."
  • and now
  • "Your Dog Will Love You Knowing this Information."


You are certainly are going to learn and grow thru all the stages with Your


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I just wanted to have fun and enjoy my new puppy as they grow so quickly.


The last thing I wanted to do was research.









I will work it out by trial and error. 


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