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Are You sure You and your Home


are 100% ready for a new Dog?







Researching before getting a Puppy or Dog is equally as important 


as investigating the next step,



"Ensuring Your Home is Ready for a Dog."







I remember being so excited yet a little unsure of what to expect...


Will she/he just sleep and need to have lots of feeds?


Will you leave her /him outside when you go to work?


Oh what about the first few nights?


Should you ignore the howling as your dog gets use to not be with the litter

and/or their new home?



You are bound to have questions and concerns...


That is quite normal...



  • Are you feeling nervous about bringing your new companion home?
  • Would a kid friendly guide help you explain the basic essentials of having a dog for your children?
  • Are you time poor to do the research yourself?



I know exactly how you are feeling...




 Worry no more, let me help



You complete the puzzle... 







Is time on your side and where do you start researching...


  • Are you a first time Dog Owner?
  • Has it been sometime since you have had a Puppy or Dog?
  • Do you want to teach your children about getting a Puppy or Dog?


Look no further... 


 Your questions,


Answers done for You.


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The content you will love includes:



  • Are there more benefits to having a dog than just having a pet? There sure is...
  • Desexing Demystified... Deciding whether to desex or not is a big decision. Here is what you need to know to make your decision straightforward.
  • House and Garden.  What preparation is required to ensure you and your dog stay happy and healthy.
  • Have you got the basics you need to have before you bring your new family member home?
  • What is the one thing that will be hard for everyone to agree on and you will not feel embarrassed about using it in public?
  • The first night. Do not be fooled by those cute eyes by starting the habit of having to get up during the night. Ah yes, sleep is very important, these tips will set you both up for the rest of your fun filled life.  
  • Only long haired dogs require grooming right? This could not be further from that truth. My guidelines will not only help you, they will also save you money in the long term.
  • Toilet Training Made Easy.  Many dog owners struggle with getting their new dog toilet trained - you won't when you read these tips.
  • Tips on how not to have a dog who begs and pesters you for food especially at meal time.
  • PLUS  Regular Updates and Tips & Being part of our Fur Club





Your time is so valuable...



Your investment of $7.00 on my Must Have Guide will save You


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Yes that is right, just $7.00.



I want this information to be accessable by everyone. 




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Our Aim Is:    Wet Noses and Wagging Tails = Happy Fur Parents and Fur Kids.







Do you feel sad when you hear and see dogs being left in the back yard because:


  • They dont know how to walk on a lead
  • They do not come when called
  • They jump on children and adults
  • They are not socialised with other dogs
  • They end up barking and howling day and night and/or become destructive or escape.


My guide is going to make sure your dog is not one of them...





Getting a Dog is Forever,


My best advise is to take every opportunity to train and socialise your new companion.


It is amazing how fast they grow up and if you do not show them the way


via leadership and training


You will end up with a dog that is out of control.




We are so compatiable, dogs are pack animals and need to be included. 






I am a real person,  if you need more information private message me on Dog Lovers + Fur Kids



Save Your Valuable Time



Fur Rules



Helen and Cleopatra



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