Pet Training Tips

Did you attend puppy training classes, read books and have tried different Pet Training Tips with no or little luck with your fur-friend? Are you struggling with some of these issues:
•Toilet training
•Chewing on inappropriate items or furniture
•Not Responding to your commands
•Walking and pulling on the leash
•Jumping up
•Aggression to other dogs, people or objects (lawnmower or vacuum cleaner)
•Eating Poo
•Fear of Storms and or Fireworks
•Sepation anxiety
•Jumping fencing or escaping
•to name a few

Well we have an easy to access online membership that will help you to train your fur-friend, which in turn will help you to get on having fun with each other. Being able to choose your own time that will suit your schedule without the pressure of  having to attended a Dog Training Clinic during your valuable weekends.

One of New Zealand’s most trusted and leading Dog Experts, Doggy Dan makes Training your Dog highly effective, super simple and Most of All FUN!

Doggy Dan will help you to understand that dogs do not think like humans, we are guilty of treating dogs like a human hence it is “US” causing some of the training blocks we are experiencing. You will learn easy and effective behavioural training tips that your puppy or dog will respond to. Yeah finally, you will be so surprised how quickly they will learn and how different your life and time together will change.
We look forward to getting your feedback on your favourite parts of the training and some of the funny experiences you have had in the process.
Until next time keep your tails wagging.
Helen and Cleopatra