Your FurKids

OK Fur Parents, there are two parts to “Your FurKids” menu

At the beginning of the month, we will have a

“Feature Pet”

where you get to show off your FurKid.


This is a list of some of the great information Our Fur Parents will brag about and share with you.

How they came to be part of their family, Name, Breed and Age,

Their funniest story,

What is their favourite activity,

What they wish they had not started,

What they would do differently,

A particular personality trait,

Lots of great pics,

and anything else you think we will love.

PM if you would like to participate – Message Me Here




we will publish your favourite photos

from the ones you share on our

Facebook Page


The ones published will be the ones you voted for.

Keep a look out for these posts and get ready to show us

your pawsome pics and don’t forget to vote.


OMG, this is my favourite part of our blog. Fur Parents can talk all day about their own and it is a pawfect way to learn and get new ideas.


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