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Welcome to Cleopatra of the Paw.

Helen and CleopatraCleopatra is a Shih Tzu who enjoys walking, swimming, eating, meeting new friends and is very good at being a couch potato. She does not realize or think she is a dog at times.

We are constantly searching for information and good ideas and products we “must have” like… training, grooming, tick and flea treatments PLUS fun things for our Pets and Us owners to enjoy.

Our pets are part of our family and with us for a longtime, thankfully, so why not make our time easier and full of fun.

We look forward to you visiting our site regularly as we will be providing you with up dates and interesting products. Feel free to email us with any questions or feedback.

As Cleopatra would say “BOL” (bark out loud) or “WOL” (wagging out loud).


Founder of Cleopatra of the Paw


email: helen@cleopatrapaw.com

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