Why Do Dogs Howl?

Dogs howl at the moon, they howl when they hear the siren of a fire truck, police care or of an ambulance. Is the dog howling trying to convey that something ominous is about to happen? Dogs do have a heightened sense. Some believe that dogs can see somethings that humans are unable to see. A howling dog is… Read More »

Heat Stressed Animals – Left In Hot Cars

Education and Common Sense is all that is required for any living thing, especially heat stress animals. I know that I have rarely been able to just run into a shop and out again without being held up either by a friend, at the checkout or to help someone. Just like humans, heat affects some… Read More »

Our Feature pet is – Leo

A 5 year old Golden Labrador Furkid Mother, Jodie introduces our feature pet. After much deliberation, we went to have a look at Labrador pups after seeing an add in the paper from a registered breeder just west of Grafton. I was so keen to get a puppy, but Billy (human Dad) took a little… Read More »

Why does my dog – never get into a group game straight away

At home, you would think Cleopatra is a very confident dog however when we are out she is an entirely different dog. This conduct led me to research why does my dog never get into a group game straight away. Does the behavior of standing behind you, peeking out and looking worried sound familiar? This… Read More »

Rastus Daly – Paws Walk

Rastus is on a Mission Dust off your walking shoes and lets join our 4 legged friends for such a good cause on Sunday May 15th. All pet lovers will be putting their best paw forward to raise money to fight animal cruelty. There is a lot of fun to be had including food and… Read More »

Why Chocolate is Bad for Dogs – including Cats, Rats and Mice

Easter is here, and we have a lot of new pet owners, family, and friends we will visit or who are staying with us that are not aware of the dangers of how chocolate can kill dogs. Chocolate is one snack that should not be shared with your canine friend. Why does chocolate kill dogs and… Read More »