Fun things to Do with your Dog | The Whole Family can Enjoy

Dogs are just as good at being a couch potato as we are, however finding Fun Things to Do with your Dog does have many benefits.

Benefits for Pet Owners

Over the years research has shown the following health benefits from owning a pet,

  • Increases your immunity
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps with our anxiety.  You feel the love when you come home from a hard day’s work
  • Dogs have been known even to help their owners get a date
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase your fitness and motivation

Benefits for Pets especially Dogs

Dogs are pack animals and need to be socialized and interacted with. Here are some of the disadvantages and some of the issues the “No Fun or Interaction” can affect dogs.

  • They learn how to socialize with other pets and importantly people, especially children
  • Helps reduce boredom, so they do not start to or learn these bad behaviours to help them deal with being lonely or from anxiety:
    • Dog Barkingbarking
    • digging
    • chewing inappropriate items
    • biting
    • fighting
    • jumping the fence and escaping
    • chasing inappropriately
    • timid and scared
  • Both the owner and dog learn to communicate which helps to avoid behaviour problems. If any issues arise, they can be dealt with as soon as identified ensuring a quick resolution so you can get on with having fun.
  • A mental boost for both of you

It has been proven, especially for dogs, owners who train and play with their dogs live a more harmonious life and keep their dog. Sadly most of the time the reason a dog is given up is due to the annoying bad behaviours due to boredom, no interaction, and training. This is so important as a dog is for life, not eight months while it is cute and cuddly.

Let your Inner Child Shine

20160115_185057Dogs do not care who is watching; they just want to have fun and make us happy.  They are like a sponge and the more time you put into them, the more fun you both will have. Repetition, patience and making it fun is the best way we all learn. Be a clown and make it exciting. No one will ever come near you if you keep growing and yelling so why would your pet. They just want to please us; you will be surprised how fast they learn and love to learn.

Recreational or Competitive

It is amazing how many activities you can do with your dog and family. Whether you are a competitive person with the appropriate pet or just want to have fun, the choice is endless. Where you live is another factor when looking at activities to do and keeping your pet’s safety in check. For example in the colder and hotter climates. I look forward to adding to this list over time however here are a few to start. You may even find another new activity to start and enjoy.

  • Obedience Training
  • Agility
  • Taking your dog camping and day trips
  • Dog parks and Dog walks for fundraising
  • cropped-20121231_1525590-1.jpgFly-ball
  • Games like fetch, hide and seek, find the treat
  • Swimming
  • Take your dog kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Pet therapy to help people in need
  • As a running partner
  • Teach them to ride a skateboard
  • Surfing
  • SUPing – Stand-up paddleboarding
  • Doga
  • The Beach

As you can see, being active with your dog does not have to cost money. Fresh air and lots of space is the best prescription.

The more research I do, the more amazed at what activities we can do with our dogs. Drop us a note on what activities you both love doing.

Until next time, play safely and keep enjoying each other.

Helen and Cleopatra


Watching the rain at the beach. No Cleopatra is not driving LOL

12 thoughts on “Fun things to Do with your Dog | The Whole Family can Enjoy

  1. Cathy

    These activities reminded me of the happier times that I had with my dog of more than 10 years – who passed on about a month ago.

    I used to walk with her around the park every morning and evening when I came home from work. She would be jolly happy when I get off the car, but now, my house is pretty quiet.

    You are right. Spending time with your dog doesn’t need to be costly. It’s all about the love, the space and the quality time that you spend with one another. These are the moments that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Hi Cathy, We are sorry that your furfriend has gone to paw heaven. So many memories and fun times had. They do leave a big space and paw prints on our heart. It is so true that mornings and afternoons are something to look forward to. I can not wait to get home from work. Whether Cleopatra is helping me around the home, running and have fun or just chilling, we truly love our time together. Take care, and maybe in time, you may get another fur friend to share new experiences and memories. x

  2. John

    Hi Helen,

    I have 2 rescue rottweilers and walking them is very important. There are many benefits in walking our dogs, exercise is one.
    I believe dogs should be walked at least 45 minutes everyday, whatever the weather. I meet other dog walkers and although rottweilers their behaviour is very good.
    My dogs know when it is time for walks, as soon as I finish my breakfast and cup of tea this is one sign. The main trigger is picking up my car keys, that is their getting excited time because we are off.
    We don’t know the history of why these dogs were given up, but these 2 rotties are well behaved. We have had rottie puppies in the past and went to dog training, using the click and treat mode.
    All that I have written is in your post, so your audience should grasp you know your stuff. Some of your activities would be a bit out of my reach.
    I love your post, so clear to read, many recommendations, presented well and proves you can enjoy your dog, without costing a fortune.


    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Hi John

      I just love have they know our routines. Cleopatra knows the difference between a work day and the weekend.

      Exercise is so important for our dogs and us. I find it a relaxing and fun time. Cleopatra is always doing something to make me laugh. The walks are also a journey for their very sensitive noses, not forgetting the marking. Yes, the walk is good for me however, I always remind myself it is also her time to investigate – within reason lol.

      A lot of activities can be for both of us and are inexpensive. Walking, swimming, kayaking or me reading a book whilst buggalugs just loves people watching.

      Thank for your comments and encouragement. Keep enjoying and having fun with your 2 dogs.

  3. Al

    Love this article. One of the most rewarding aspects of playing with a dog is the extra bond it develops between the dog and the family; it’s also astonishing how quickly a dog will learn the game. One we play a lot with our black labrador is to hide a toy somewhere in the house (or outside if dry). He knows the game and will actually sit and wait to be told “find it” before he’ll move, he’ll then give it back when it’s found then go sit himself down in the correct place waiting for the next turn – they are amazing don’t you think?

    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      I totally agree Al. They are a pack animal so family interaction is so important. Not only do we get so much pleasure so does our pet, this also combats boredom which stops unwanted behaviors. I love the game you play with your Labrador, sounds like he does to. Keep having fun together Al.

  4. Ashley

    Great article, I had no idea having a pet would increase your immunity, but now that I think about it, it really makes sense.
    I remember some years ago I used to take my dog in the park and play fly-ball with him. I know that’s already a classic thing, but I really loved it. And just like you said, it made my inner child shine 😀
    What’s your favorite activity to do in the park with Cleopatra?

    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Hi Ashley, laughing, being happy etc all help with our health and immunity. I know Cleopatra consistently makes me smile and laugh with her antics and facial expressions. Fly-ball is an excellent activity for all.

      Cleopatra and I love going to the park, headland, the jetty, anywhere that has beautiful open areas to explore. Missy will fetch however after about 6 sprints that is enough and she puts the ball down and that is the end of that. Being together is our favorite thing. Thanks for calling by.

  5. Linda

    Great site and very thorough list of activities to enjoy with your dog. I find the companionship aspect of that to be incredibly relaxing. We have enjoyed many of the activities in your list. Just like people, different dogs will have different preferences. My older dog is extremely athletic and limber. He loves agility training. My younger dog (same breed) is not athletic at all but he is always up for a hike. I hope you’ll keep encouraging people to make the effort to find enjoyable activities to engage in with their dogs. It is so worth it!

    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Hi Linda, it is so true, like us, how some pets are more active than others. Either way it is important to enjoy some activities regularly. Sometimes people forget about this aspect hence causing some behaviour problems. Here’s to enjoying our fur friends.

  6. Evie

    That is such a cute dog. Pets are great aren’t they for relieving our stresses – they are so unconditional with their affection that you cannot remain unhappy. And with dogs as well you get good exercise by walking them which again helps your state of mind. There is very much an increase in dogs being used as therapy dogs and crisis response dogs which help to relieve stress from responders to traumatic events

    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Thanks Evie. It is truly amazing how they can help us feel so much better. I know I really looking forward to coming home after work and weekends to be with Cleopatra.


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