Giving Back

Hi Fur Parents

We are true Aussies and helping others is just as important as being able to provide information and products to our Fur Parents for their Fur Friends.

Many fantastic organisations are doing a great job to help various programs. We would love to support them all; however, we just can not.

We all have that particular charity that is very close to our heart. They could come from your own, someone close, personal experience or something that is your way of giving back and showing our gratitude.

Our primary objective here at is to help you with knowledge and information to ensure you both have a fun and happy life together.

Sometimes, for reasons we do not know why or understand, we need to help fellow fur friends find a new loving home. Thankfully one of those places is ARCH – Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour.



Some more information on ARCH for you:

  • They are not-for-profit organisations who are in close communication with other rescue agencies, the local pounds and with their help take in animals that have mostly scheduled for euthanasia or the rehoming of unwanted pets.
  • They arrange for the ownership and registration of the animals to be transferred to them.
  • ARCH do not have kennels, they have a great community of foster families, who take care and love them until permanently rehomed.
  • Additional expenses involve helping injured animals, needles etc. for puppies, desexing, vet checks to name a few.
  • Not to mention the food, collars, leads and of course toys.

Checkout ARCHs facebook page for updates and pictures of the beautiful furkids that have been saved.

Cleopatras best fur mate, I am sure you have seen us on Facebook, Rastus is a Rescue from ARCH. How lucky are We?


We have seen the hard work, support, fundraising, fun and at times tears from these volunteers and foster carers. There are already a lot of great people and companies that help ARCH, and we would also like to be part of this remarkable family.

Cleopatra and I will be able to donate 10% to ARCH each month when you support us and purchase from our any of our links and our ebooks.

Buying a product or service from a link does not increase your purchase price, but it is a great way to thank us if you enjoy our content, find our suggestions helpful and help ARCH.

Hey, it will be minimal to start, you got to start somewhere, so join us to help support this great not-for-profit organisation “ARCH” while getting some great information and most of all having fun. “LOTS OF IT”. 


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Help Us to Share the Fur Love.

Helen and Cleopatra