December Pics 2018

By | January 10, 2019

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year

A big Thank You for sharing Your great pictures from the Festive Season

I just love the variety of the Pets we have to share

Sooooo in no particular order lets check them out

Leo saying Merry Christmas beautiful Peeps – owner Jodie & Bill

Max enjoying the festive season – owner Kathy

Billie showing off her Christmas stash – owner Maria

Walter enjoying his 1st Christmas – owners Sam & Terry

Early to bed on Christmas Eve for Saffy and Willow – owners Zali & Elke

The three Amigos, RastusBillie and Cleopatra – owners Carmel, Maria & Helen

Jessie thought she heard Santa – owner Ida

Marty doesn’t understand all the fuss – owner Simone

Every day is Christmas Day for Bodhi – owner Nicky

Kalani with baby Ben – owners Robyn & Col

Razz with his Christmas Presents – owner Carmel

 Billie is wondering who is this Dude – owners Emily & Sam

Ted I am going to be a reindeer when I grow up – owner Abby

Albert, Sullivan & Dahlia love their Christmas Tree- owner Kerrie

Alfie – Does this outfit make my legs look short? – owners Sara & Tim

Everyone needs one of these, Sheezza Beauty – owners yard Shaz lol

Keep taking those great pictures

We can not wait until we share Januarys awesome Pictures

You can share them on our Facebook Page or Private Message Me

Cleopatra putting up with Me and Santa.

Keep having fun together.

Thanks for Sharing this Love with Your Friends.

6 thoughts on “December Pics 2018

  1. Richard

    its great to see when people get into the festive spirit and include the whole family in this. I have an ozzie that my wife dressed in a purple tutu and that seems to have gone down well.

    Are you planning on making it a themed monthly photo submission request or will it be only for December and the festive season?


    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Hi Rich, I would love to see a picture of Ozzie in her lovely outfit. I think it will be a festive post unless I have more interest at other times of the year. Cheers Helen and Cleopatra

  2. mzakapon

    Wow! Those picture are excellent and very beautiful. I love those pet animal and my kids also love them. I am going to share it with them. The white parrot is rare and I believe many people will like those exclusive collection. Can I use those picture commercially or any copyright issue? I am waiting for January’s awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures.

    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Hi, thanks for your comments and I am glad your whole family has enjoyed this post. The pictures do belong to the original owners. I look forward to sharing more great pet pictures with you. 🙂 Helen and Cleopatra

  3. Tsquare

    Thanks for this beautiful pictures. How else can we appreciate our domestic animals? They are looking so gorgeous. This is the first time seeing this innovative idea. Its a pity I do not have any pet yet. But I’m being inspired to start keeping a pet and that will be part of my 2019 resolutions. I must say that you have made my day with all the well wishes from all the pets.  


    1. Helen and Cleopatra Post author

      Hi Tsquare, all pets make my heart happy and we are so grateful people are willing to share their special friends with us. Keep having great days and be sure to send us a picture of your pet if you do get one. Helen and Cleopatra 


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